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Back Side of Building
Channel 3 Receive Antenna (Center of Picture)
New Receive Site (Front View)
New Receive Site (Back View)
Old Receive Site
Roy and JD Testing Transmit Site
Main Transmission Tower (South View)
Main Transmission Tower (West View)
Main Transmission Tower (2nd West View)
Main Transmission New Antenna Panels
New Channel Combiner
Roy and PBS on Antenna Hill
New Larcan Digital Equipment
Roy Working on New Digital Equipment
Main Transmission Tower
Transmission Antenna
Antenna Hill
Roy Working on Antenna Hill
Front Side of Building
Back Side of Building
Rack Number 1
Rack Number 2
Rack Number 3
JD Working on Rack 1
Control Rack
Overton Power #5 10KW Generator
Power Transfer Switch
View Toward Moapa Valley
View Toward Moapa
Commissioner Collins discussing options for the district

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